Air Supply ~ Graham Russell Debut Solo CD The Future Review

Published: 18th April 2007
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Graham Russell ~ The Future and Letting Yourself Go

On March 21st, Graham Russell released his first solo CD since forming Air Supply with Russell Hitchcock 31 years ago. Aptly titled The Future, the CD offers a glimpse into what Air Supply fans can expect to see from Graham in the coming months and years.

Graham, now 56, shows no sign of slowing down, as evidenced by the number of projects he is currently working on. In addition to The Future, Graham continues his work to bring to the stage The Heart of the Rose, a rock opera he first conceived some 30 years ago; has plans to produce and release a new Air Supply CD in 2007; and continues to tour internationally, performing more than 100 shows annually.

A departure from songs 'sounding' like Air Supply, The Future re-introduces listeners to a side of Graham's creativity not seen for many years. While this is Graham's first 'solo' CD, Air Supply fans, having enjoyed Graham's talents for more than three decades, will feel right at home listening to The Future. The CD, consisting of 10 songs, is an eclectic mix of sounds and textures ranging from tender ballads to techno and dance rhythms.

The 10 tracks on The Future are: Let Yourself Go, Love Is Warm, Lace & Leather, Our Love, Make You Mine, Save The World, This Time, Restless, Fall With You and The Future.

Let Yourself Go, The Future's opening track, explores Graham's love of techno and dance music. Open a bottle of wine, sit back, close your eyes, tap your toe and get lost and let yourself go... (Graham Russell, Jonni Lightfoot, Stina, Billy Sherwood)

Love Is Warm is an upbeat love song with a beautiful melody and chorus. It would be fun to see this turned into a club dance mix. (Graham Russell, Jonni Lightfoot, Stina)

Lace & Leather, one of Graham's favorites on the CD, is another beautiful love song. Graham's soulful arrangement of his voice, guitar and keys has an unexpected purity. Graham's decision to not include percussion or other sounds is spot on. (Graham Russell)

Our Love, according to Graham, is The Future's only power ballad. Everything from the vocals to the piano to the string arrangement is gorgeous. It's not difficult to imagine hearing this song in a movie. (Graham Russell, Mike Zerbe, Jonni Lightfoot, Jed Moss, Jeff Allman, Stina, Louis Clarke, Billy Sherwood)

Make You Mine is another love song featuring Graham on the acoustic guitar throughout the song. Again, this song is not cluttered with additional instruments and sounds and its chorus is catchy. (Graham Russell, Jonni Lightfoot, Stina)

Save The World is a great upbeat, modern and a bit techno tune. The lyrics are plentiful and its 400+ words will be a challenge for anyone to master! (Graham Russell, Jonni Lightfoot, Russell Hitchcock)

This Time was introduced by Graham to audiences in 2006. A beautiful story about a man falling in love with a woman, it is a true ballad. (Graham Russell, Mike Zerbe, Jonni Lightfoot)

Restless reminds me of music that might be associated with the Renaissance period, although Graham attributes the song to an event in 1st century A.D. Britain. I can only describe the song as hauntingly beautiful. (Graham Russell, Mark Williams, Alec Milstein, Jonni Lightfoot, Meagan Olson)

Fall With You is a very soft love song that could easily have been added to Air Supply's repertoire. Imagining Russell Hitchock harmonizing with Graham on this song is easy. The song is very heartwarming and loving and is another that could easily be heard on a soundtrack. (Graham Russell, Jonni Lightfoot)

The Future speaks of a man finding himself and then the love of a woman with whom to share his future. Louis Clarke's string arrangement is understated yet powerful and essential to the beauty of the song. (Graham Russell, Louis Clarke)

A solo CD is never a solo endeavor and while many instruments were played by Graham himself, Air Supply fans will be pleased to learn that Russell, Jonni Lightfoot, Jed Moss and Mike Zerbe each lent their considerable talent to Graham in support of The Future. In addition, Stina, who has worked with Graham and Air Supply in the past, sings on Let Yourself Go, Love Is Warm, Our Love, and Make You Mine.

It would be difficult to say which song on The Future is my favorite. I love Let Yourself Go, but Restless and Fall With You are two beautiful songs that are hard to keep from that top spot. With so many sounds to choose from, I imagine listeners will struggle with finding their own favorite!

Graham takes listeners on an amazing journey with The Future. Our own future may be uncertain, but Graham's Future is inspired.

The Future is currently for sale and can be purchased online at Air Supply's Web site, Order your copy of The Future today!

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